Vanessa Rosa

Vanessa Rosa is a visual artist and art historian. Her work combines public art, community engagement, technological experiments, and historical research - usually through painting.


Vanessa Rosa has worked as project coordinator for different organizations and is an illustrator and art director for Viajante do Tempo. She has a deep interest in collaboration projects and in understanding other cultures.

Currently, Vanessa is researching algorithmic images and traditional ornamentations from Portuguese, Islamic and West African cultural groups. She has already participated in mural paintings, exhibitions and other projects in different countries across America and Europe.

Vanessa & AnnexB

artist Residency

Vanessa stayed in our studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn, to produce the works for her solo exhibition Imaginary Tiles.


Vanessa's exhibition Imaginary Tiles presented itself as an encounter between visual arts, architecture, new technologies and historical heritage. 

At b[x], Imaginary Tiles (March 18 - April 9, 2017) was Vanessa's first solo exhibition in New York.

For this exhibition, she invited her friend, Marjan Fadavi, to write the exhibition statement.


"I never escaped, I came for more being.

And I did it. Here in the very city where I am banned from being now, I managed to be more.

I'm no stranger to bans. I know how to play with them.

What I was stranger to was that line.

There is a line.

It separates the rational from the paradoxical.

I soon found myself on the other side. I was the complicated, the paradoxical, the confusing.

But thanks to the line, I found strangers I felt closest with. All similar in our non similarities, according to the line.

I studied, protested, worked, cooked, sang and dance with them.

They're all dancing hundreds of bans away every day.

We, the residents of the other side, we the paradoxical, are all busy being now.

But my heart is with the other side. It must be lonely there.

Find your paradox, and you're welcome here."

Marjan Fadavi, 2017, Iran-US