The bridge between Brazilian art and NYC

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Focused on promoting brazilian art in nyc, annexb brings artists, venues and organizations together to foster a diverse art community in the city.

Our role is to facilitate and manage several artistic projects, including:


Live Painting Events

Open Studios


We also offer a workspace for Artist Residencies in our studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Projects Portfolio

creating opportunities for brazilian artists and contributing to the diversity of the city art scene.


Upcoming Projects

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Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Larissa Ferreira founded AnnexB in 2016, and in collaboration with Brazilian artists, aims to bring art of her home country closer to her current residence of NYC. She is currently enrolled in a master's program in Arts Administration and has a professional background built over 10 years of experience in different sectors in Brazil.

Why Brazil and New York?

New York is the center of the art world. Brazilian galleries have gradually increased their presence in the New York market through participation in arts fairs and partnerships with local galleries. Furthermore, a few Brazilian galleries recently started operations in the city, highlighting the importance of the market and the vast opportunity for Brazilian artists to explore new frontiers. Our goal for AnnexB is to become a satellite - an annex, for Brazilian art in New York.