Synopsis of an Urban Memoir

Synopsis of an Urban Memoir was an art exhibition in tribute to Brazil’s National Day of Graffiti featuring the works of nineteen Brazilian artists.

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ABOUT THE project

Brazil’s “National Day of Graffiti” on March 27 was established in 1987 after the death of the artist Alex Vallauri (1949-1987), one of the pioneers of contemporary urban art in the country. Synopsis of an Urban Memoir was a group exhibition in tribute to this iconic date that aims to foster urban art as an artistic and social movement.

Synopsis of an Urban Memoir presented the works of nineteen Brazilian artists: Alto*Contraste, Branco, Bugre, Camila Crivelenti, Ciro Schu, Combone, Criola, Fefa Românova, Goms, Henrique Belotti, Ju Violeta, Júlio Vieira, Mag Magrela, Mateus Bailon, Panmela Castro, Pecci, Siss, Tikka and Vermelho. Each of these artists, through their own style, represents different voices within their communities. Nevertheless, they all embrace the importance of bringing color and inspiration to public spaces. In this sense, art becomes accessible to all and strengthens the relationship between the city's inhabitants and their environment.


“It’s a definite must-see!” Street Art NYC, Lois Stavsky



Produced by AnnexB, Duetto Arts and Urban Walls Brazil, Synopsis of an Urban Memoir (March 26 - April 14, 2017) was a partnership with Andrew Freedman Home and CUFA - Central Única das Favelas


Opening Reception

Sat, March 25, 2017 | 4-7 PM