Hasta Tepito

AnnexB and b[x] gallery present Hasta Tepito, first solo show of the Brazilian artist Mano Penalva in NYC, curated by Julie Dumont / The Bridge Project.

Mano Penalva, Hasta Tetipo.jpg

ABOUT THE exhibition

No man’s land of itinerant traders and in constant movement, Tepito is a neighborhood in Mexico City, a grey area on the map, with hazy borders and no exact geographical definition for the passersby, an open market where according to a popular saying “everything can be sold, except one’s honor” and where outsiders are not allowed.

In the video Hasta Tepito, the central axis of the exhibition, Mano Penalva reveals his lifelong interest for popular markets, the flow of people, of goods, the packaging, the colors, patterns and sounds that mark the rhythm of these transit places. Through this observation, the artist depicts his subjective view of the circulation of objects and of the bodies that carry them in a globalized world, sharing in the meantime, an insight of what it is to be a stranger.

The outsiders’ outlook is a recurrent theme to Mano Penalva’s artistic work, as he starts from everyday references and reveals their essence, their symbolic form, as if they were seen for the first time, proposing new interpretations and displacing boundaries.

This exercise of construction and deconstruction is further developed in collages, expanded paintings, minimalist sculptures and installations, in a playful mix of high and low culture, when a simple twist moves the banal into the contemporary art field.

Mano Penalva’s formal expression in the attribution of new volumes, meanings and functions to familiar objects, brings us to the core of the artist’s practice, questioning the differentiation between the erudite and the popular, the beautiful and the ugly, the original and the copy, actively breaking art’s classical structures and limits. Hasta Tepito in this sense, proposes a reflection on the time lapse corresponding to the paths followed by the street sellers, a moment where anything can happen, as it is the case when he displaces everyday references and turns them into art.

Text by Julie Dumont / The Bridge Project

b[x] Gallery, 203 Harrison Place, 3rd floor, Brooklyn, NY
Dates: August 24 – October 5, 2018
Opening reception: August 24, 2018 | 6-9pm

After the opening reception, visits by appointment only. Please contact Larissa Ferreira at larissa@annexb.net