Cup by Sandra Jávera, Color Block Series

Cup by Sandra Jávera, Color Block Series

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Sandra Jávera

Color Block Series, 2019

High Fire Stoneware

Small cup: 3.5 x 2.5 in

Large cup: 3.5 x 3.2 in

All of the pieces are handmade, hand-painted, and have the bottom signed.


Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Sandra Jávera moved to New York in 2012. She creates illustrations that populate the universe of children's books, advertisement, and the art world. Her drawings are ludic and elegant-looking; they are full of intricate stories and charming characters. With a background in architecture, Sandra transposes a tridimensional understanding of space to her work on paper as well as on the digital space. She also works in printmaking, collage, and creates ceramics that are as delicate and imaginative as her drawings. Sandra has worked with publishing houses in Brazil, such as FTD and Saraiva, and has collaborated with companies such as Gol Airlines, Nestlé, Itaú Cultural, the Society of Illustrators of New York, and Branco Wallpapers.

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