Rimon Guimarães and Zéh Palito

Rimon Guimarães and Zéh Palito are the founders of a social project entitled Cosmic Boys. From Gambia to Syria, from the Amazon to South Korea, Palito and Guimarães have been travelling across the world to paint grafitti murals and to create community-based projects that transform the most unexpected places.



April 2018



In 2017, Cosmic Boys organized a trip in partnership with other organizations to visit a Syrian refugee camp in Lebanon; Beqaa Valley is now home to approximately 1 million Syrian refugees that have escaped the destruction and violence of one of the worst wars of our times. Combining art and education, the duo held workshops and worked in murals with around 1,500 children, encouraging their artistic expression and creativity amidst the hardships they have encountered since their displacement. Guimarães and Palito also presented their work in New York at BONDE, a groundbreaking conference of Brazilian Design.


Rimon Guimarães and Zéh Palito residency are made possible with support from the Urban Walls Brazil.